Leasing ABC Equipment will help make your
shopping experience more enjoyable!

 For reservations, please contact us
by phone at 903-567-0637 or by email at  reservations@abcscooter.net
(must be made in advance of the beginning of the Trade Days - see below)


have front and rear baskets
have canopies during the summer months to help protect you from the sun
are leased at the rate of $8 per hour or $55 per day
(all rates INCLUDE sales tax). Customers MUST BE 18 years of age to lease or operate scooters unless permanently or temporarily disabled.


are available to carry your special treasures
are leased at the rate of $4 per hour or $15 per day
(all rates INCLUDE sales tax)


help make your shopping easier
are available TO RENT at the rate of $10 per day + a $15 refundable deposit (if returned by the end of the business day)
are available TO BUY so that you will be able to use it again the next time you visit - 2 sizes available
(all rates INCLUDE sales tax)


will only be taken BEFORE the Trade Days begin on Thursday. (The LAST DAY to secure a reservation is the Wednesday previous to the Trade Days beginning on Thursday).
expire at 9:30am on the scheduled day
do not require a credit card or prepayment
will be leased on a first come, first served basis after the Trade Days begin


We also SELL new and used ADA approved scooters
as well as batteries, accessories and parts.

See our website at:

Visit one of our four locations

1. Log Cabin West Gate Entrance off Hwy 859
2. Turner East Gate off Hwy 19
Near the creek on Row 49
4. Right outside the Civic Center on Row 106

Contact Information

For reservations or sales,
call 903-567-0637 or e-mail us at


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