Jan Thompson is a photo artist.

Being a photo artist allows her a never ending potential for a personal insight into each piece of work. The scope of work details such areas as Western art, which is a broad, loosely defined subject matter, and allows the artist to look for the essence of western rural life and history. Jan also draws from the beauty of the simple, but yet ornate designs of nature, which includes the all inspiring rose and other flowers that God has created.

Jan's imagination and inspiration is drawn from her life in California, Arizona and New Mexico. She now finds most of her time is spent in Texas, collecting it's history, culture and life .

Jan also sells her art on mouse pads, coasters, tile, etc.

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As a photo artist, Jan's art includes both pure photography and enhanced works of art. These works of art are created by many layers of colors and imagination, which brings forth an array of interesting effects. The end results of this process, creates a work of art that is full of color, depth and texture.


SILVERTHREADS was created at the Proud Spirit > Horse Sanctuary, which takes in abused and unwanted horses and gives them a loving home. You can find them at www.horsesofproudspirit.com