Staples by Sharon, LLC

HCG Diet and Ear Stapling for:
Weight Loss, Stress/Tension, Migraines, Smoking Cessation

Hello, my name is Sharon Doyal. I am the proud owner of Staples by Sharon.  I have over 12 years of medical experience and I received my training for ear stapling from Robin Gibson, owner of Acu Staple in Oklahoma.

See the Shreveport Times investigative article on Ear Stapling!

Ear stapling has been around for over two decades. It is a combination of auriculotherapy, acupressure, and acupuncture. I call it acupressure with staples, by placing a staple at the key points to target weight loss, stress, tension, migraines, and smoking cessation.

The majority of my clients come to me for weight loss, which at this time is over 90% success rate. For smoking and migraines there is an 85% success rate. Everyone is different regarding the anatomy of their ears. I will access each person as a individual and will try to meet your specific need regarding the ear staple. Please know the staple will affect what your body needs most. For example, you may lose inches at first then pounds, you may sleep better than you ever have, be less tense and not lose weight at first. The staple targets many areas, so you may feel the staple isn’t working because you are not losing weight right at first, but it is targeting what your body needs most. I do not recommend you leaving your staples in over 6 months. At that time we can remove and replace them with a new set, if your goals have not been met.

I find it of utmost importance to warn you regarding other providers placing ear staples. Most states do not require you to have any knowledge to do this procedure. Any individual can purchase equipment online and say they know all about ear stapling, and they really do not. This puts so many clients at risk for infection and scarring, and more importantly, no results. It takes knowledge of auriculogy, identification of acupuncture points in the ear and the technique of how to do this procedure. I take tremendous pride in my work.

Remember, no matter who you chose, be sure to ask questions and be comfortable with the answers you are given.

I got my 1st set of staples in 4/06. I have gotten a new set every 3-4 months and as of 08/07, I have lost over a 100lbs. I have gone from a 22 to a 12. They help me so much with cravings and stress. I could not have done it without the help of the staples.
Suzette, Shreveport, LA

With my staples, I went from having 2 or 3 migraines a week to 1 in 6 months. They are absolutely wonderful. I will, most definitely, keep them! Thanks Sharon. You have made my days brighter and headache free.
Penni, Bossier City, LA

After suffering with pain from fibromyalgia & arthritis for many years, I found Sharon and she was the answer to my prayers. It has been 2 months without any pain meds. Sharon is a real sweet-heart & blessing in my life.
Auline, Shreveport, LA

My job is very stressful. I received my staples for stress, tension, and insomnia. Boy have they helped. My coworkers noticed the difference first. Sleep is great now and I am full of energy.
Laura, Stonewall, LA

I have tried to quit smoking for along time but have always failed. I heard about "ear stapling," and decided to give it a try. I received my staples during lunch @ work, and I can gladly say I have not smoked since. It has been 5 months without cravings. Thanks Sharon
Candy, Shreveport, LA


Does Homeopathic HCG Really Work?

Easy answer, yes; if you follow the instructions. If you have tried to loose weight but never got far or never kept it off, then you need to try HCG Homeopathic drops. Developed oringally as an injection by Dr. Simeon in 1950's France, HCG has recently been re-introduced in a homeopathic formula. This is not only easier to take, but works as well or better by most accounts.

Still, study is required. An instruction sheet is included, but we also recommend you read Dr. Simeon's work, Pounds and Inches. You should also understand that certain foods can't be eaten while on the 27 day diet. Dr. Simeon covers many, but you should also avoid all oils -including cosmetics, toothpaste, etc- as they conflict with any homeopathic remedy.

$50. for a 2 oz bottle

Staples by Sharon, LLC
Sharon Doyal

318 797 4854

Staples in both ears are just $55 and include a cleaning kit!

We are located at Canton First Monday in Pavilion 4500 booth 4568
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