Specializing in Funky, Crystal and Turquoise Beaded Jewelry, Swarvosky Crystal Embellished Camo, and Original Design Tees


whethEr hiPPie chiCk or coWgirL ChiC,
 roCKin' moMMa or rebEL cHiLd,
we aRe aLL tiARa girLs at hEArt...
 jUsT goTTa hAve thAT spARkly soMeTHin'
 to LifT oUr spiRit
aND reFreSh oUr feMiniNE SoUL.
    We guARantEE to Make YoU smiLE
wiTh oUr uNiquE, oriGinAL tEEs
anD the fuNKiest JeWELrY arOUnD...

sO pOLisH uP yOUr taRNisHed TiaRA
 LeT's  gO shoPPiNg!

We are located at Canton First Monday on the Original Grounds in Arbor I, Booths 71 - 72
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For additional information please call or email us at:
918.448.5507,  918.465.6924,  royce27@swbell.net

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